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Clarida Technologies is a technology company offering proprietary developed software products and services to all kinds of organisations with the goal of achieving Organisation-Wide Intelligence.

Our original product, the Clarida ExcaliburTM software suite, centered around performing high-level Data Discovery with the goal of exposing value leaks and uncovering hidden knowledge from large and complex datasets. Our mission evolved from that point towards offering organisations a way to leverage their data to the fullest extent possible and achieve Organisation-Wide Intelligence.

Find out more about what we understand under Organisation-Wide Intelligence and why this should be on top of the priority list of organisations taking innovation serious.

Our Products

Clarida Technologies has developed smart and automated Data Discovery solutions for government, healthcare, business and industry.

Clarida ExcaliburTM Platform

The Clarida ExcaliburTM platform is an integrated software environment designed for data, text and web discovery. Structured and unstructured data from an unlimited number of heterogeneous data sources can be linked and integrated. Human experts can transform and analyze the data in real-time through intuitive and interactive visual interfaces.

Discovery as a ServiceTM

During a Discovery as a ServiceTM (DaaS) project, Clarida Technologies hosts the entire Data Discovery process on behalf of the client starting from data extraction to the delivery of detailed reporting. Clarida DaaS is the preferred choice for those who want to gain deep insights into data without dedicating their own workforce to the discovery process.

Clarida Data WarehouseTM

The Clarida Data WarehouseTM is a high performance data storage solution. The system combines high availability, horizontal scalability and flexible data formats to meet the needs of data-intensive organisations. Moreover, indexation of database contents is included out of the box making data fully searchable in real-time.

Clarida Artificial IntelligenceTM

Clarida Artificial IntelligenceTM (AI) is a recently developed sophisticated AI and Machine Learning software suite. Drawing on over 10 years of experience in advanced data-analytics, we offer this knowledge to organisations of any size. We make AI accessible to organisations which do not have an entire team of data-scientists available to them.

Clarida Social Media AnalyticsTM

The Clarida Social Media AnalyticsTM platform consists of a plethora of useful web monitoring features. You can easily manage your online reputation in any language of your choice and engage with your customers over social media. We help your company streamline social media marketing campaigns and monitor their success.

A Few Things About Clarida Technologies

Who are we?

It is estimated that the amount of data produced by organisations will increase 50-fold in the next 5 to 7 years. So having a powerful system in place to capitalise on this prospect should be a vital component in the strategy of organisations within each sector.

With over 10 years of experience in data science, research and development, Clarida Technologies offers the most innovative Data Discovery software available on the market. Our software has been empirically validated with great success in a variety of domains, solving big challenges of modern Government, Healthcare, Business and Industry organisations.

The results we achieve impact not only the organisations that use our software but more importantly directly improve the lives of millions of people.

Why are we here?

Clarida Technologies stands for «Clarity in Data». Our mission has been to help modern organisations and businesses to leverage their data, gain new insights and drive positive changes while saving significant amounts of capital through advanced Data Discovery.

We are here to assist your organisation to gain an edge over competition, take the next step and improve or implement a sophisticated big Data Discovery solution.

Our product has been developed out of necessity to make sense of big data and takes on real-life problems. Our approach consists of not just a standard analysis of data, rather it is an explorative process to discover new knowledge.

Insights delivered by experts using our software literally saved lives by arresting human trafficking gangs, identifying domestic violence cases and stop pedophiles from pursuing innocent children. Our product is currently used by law enforcement agencies to fight crime and put criminals to justice.

What makes us unique?

Compared to most analytics software packages available on the market, we take a radically different approach to data analysis. We place the human domain expert at the core of our product instead of trying to fully automate the Data Discovery process.

The combination of a human domain expert and extremely powerful Data Discovery techniques yields highly advanced insights that would not be possible to achieve using fully automated Artificial Intelligence tools or statistical analysis tools.

How we make sense of data?

Organisations can save tens of millions of euros through our software but our approach is not about finding solutions to known problems only. More crucial is to discover unknown problems and capitalize on them by implementing new solutions.

Our software is excellent in uncovering the «Unknown Unknowns» and value leaks in your data, learning from these insights and taking appropriate actions to get rid of them. We discover things you did not even know you didn`t know.

Through our proprietary developed software, your organisation can turn data into a valuable asset. Organisations using our software can expect to substantially improve financial and operational key performance indicators.

Our data processing platforms comply with the highest standards concerning privacy and data security. Analysis is performed in a secure way in your organisation or through an encrypted Virtual Private Network (VPN).

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