Introducing “Clarity in Data” Stories: Beyond Traditional Perception of Data

by Julia Burak, MBA

Posted on October 29, 2017 at 7:00 PM

We invite you to join us on the exciting journey of exploring the world of Big Data, discovering “Unknown Unknowns” and learning to gain incredible insights in data. Clarida Technologies stands for “Clarity in Data” and this is what we believe in. We are here with a big mission to help modern organizations leverage their data and gain new insights which will change the way they do business once and forever.

Our Positive Contribution to Society

Since our product has been developed out of necessity, in our blog we are going to discuss paramount real-life problems of a global scale and show how Data Discovery can help solve them. We will also focus on how to discover root causes of long-standing issues, improve processes in organizations and achieve dramatic cost savings through data analysis. We will bring up such global topics as Human Trafficking, Terrorism Prevention, Domestic Violence and other challenges in modern society. Our approach will show-case how Big Data, and in particular our unique Data Discovery approach, can be applied to identify hidden knowledge, discover patterns and provide remediating actions.

Breaking with Traditional Approaches

Unlike most data analysis solutions available on the market, we take a radically different approach by placing the human domain expert at the core of our product. Even though most forecasts tend to promote the era of machine learning and robotics, we still believe that the power of the human mind can not be replaced immediately. We will ground these claims about our approach with astonishing results. This is a breakthrough in solving problems of global importance and we are happy to make a positive impact for society, save people`s lives and make this world a better place to live in. You should not be surprised to see us appearing in news headlines making donations for a good cause.

“We will learn you how to discover root causes of long-standing issues, improve processes in organizations and achieve dramatic cost savings through data analysis”

Sharing our Data Discovery Secrets

Behind our approach and ideas are passionate founders with a strong technical background and vision. Our technology and approach are based on 10 years of research and development and of course we have a lot of experience to share. In this blog we will share stories about:

  • Secrets of Data Discovery. We are going to break stereotypes and myths;
  • “Unknown Unknowns” or things you didn`t even think about and which can cost you millions of euros annually;
  • Hot topics, events and current trends to keep you updated about Big Data and Data Analytics;
  • Useful pieces of advice you can implement and use in your organization tomorrow;
  • Success stories on Data Discovery Projects to inspire you for positive changes.

We hope that this blog will throw light on questions you are interested in and show you the World of Data Analytics in 360 °. We are always happy to hear your comments and feedback.
Thank you for reading!

Julia Burak

Julia Burak is in charge of Business Development at Clarida Technologies.

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