Press Release – Clarida Technologies Raised 5M euro of Capital at a 100M euro Valuation

by Robin Poelmans

Posted on December 14, 2017 at 8:00 AM

Clarida Technologies Ltd., a UK incorporated technology company offering highly advanced big data-discovery software products and services to a wide variety of industries, is pleased to announce their recent acceptance of an equity investment of 5 million euros from a private investor which values the company at 100 million euros.

Robin Poelmans, CEO and co-founder of Clarida Technologies states: “We have never actively solicited for external investment into Clarida Technologies mainly because we were wary about getting pushed towards a direction we do not necessarily want to go to. This investment is a deal we like; it has a simple structure where the control remains in our hands, no sneaky clawback clauses, we have the freedom to buy-out the investor and it is an investor that understand the added value we can bring. Over the past years we have received multiple investment offers, some higher than this one, which we simply refused for not being comfortable with the terms and conditions. With this additional backing we intend to invest in expanding our team, focus on introducing our products and services internationally and continue the development of several products that we are currently working on. The value that our products and services can bring to organisations has been proven and those that place innovation as a priority are already reaping the benefits thereof. We finished this product suite earlier this year and want to focus our efforts now on the shift from being mostly concerned about creating the most powerful data-discovery product possible towards commercializing it at scale and providing organisations the tools to convert a ubiquitous commodity, their data, into one of their most valuable assets.”

Dr. Jonas Poelmans, CTO and co-founder of Clarida Technologies adds: “Special focus was placed on making our software useable for non-technical people with zero programming skills but who do have extensive domain knowledge and experience to understand what brings value to the organisation. We strongly believe that a combination of human and technology yields the best results when it comes to exposing complex high-level value leaks within organisations. Clarida software can be up and running within minutes, can handle billions of data records and data of different formats. We are breaking new grounds when it comes to quality, complex high-level data-analysis at scale and can achieve fast results because of our early efforts on finishing an out-of-box product suite that simply works.”

Clarida Technologies offers advanced big data discovery products and services to various industries with to aim to transform their data into their most valuable asset. Our original product, the Clarida Excalibur software suite, centered around performing high-level Data Discovery with the goal of exposing value leaks and uncovering hidden knowledge from large and complex datasets. Our mission evolved from that point towards offering organisations a way to leverage their data to the fullest extent possible and achieve Organisation-Wide Intelligence.

Robin Poelmans

Robin Poelmans is the CEO of Clarida Technologies.

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