Clarida Technologies CEO Presents Successful Approach to Tackling the United Nations Global Sustainable Development Goal #8

by Julia Burak

Posted on December 22, 2018 at 8:00 AM

There are over 152,000,000 victims of child labour worldwide. Modern day slavery is a crime that affects us all. You just don't know it. The movie "The Price Of Free" is a candid and sobering depiction of the situation on the ground. This suffering afflicts the most vulnerable people in the world and we have a responsibility to create change. On 5 December, at the Dubai Future Accelerators, a group of leaders including Lord Bishop Alastair, Monsignor Sanchez, his excellent Khalfan Belhoul, his excellency Omar Sultan Al Olama, Bhuven Ribhu, Clarida Technologies CEO Robin Poelmans, Hasina Kharbhih, Rosie Orozco, Sahiqa Bennett, Miguel Gutierrez and Raza Jafar gathered to reflect on the previous 3 months work and plan the next stages in the fight against modern day slavery.

Global Sustainability Network

The Global Sustainability Network (GSN), is a private global network of high powered and influential figures from Faith, Business, Media, NGO's and Government. The purpose of this network is to tackle goal #8 of the 17 Global Sustainable Development goals defined by the United Nations. The special focus is on Goal 8.7 which is aimed at eradicating Modern Slavery, Child Labor and Human Trafficking. The organization was founded a couple of years ago but already counts more than 900 global change-makers who are committed to fight for human rights and work together to build a better future for everyone. The major goal of the GSN is to connect creative and digitally inclined teams with those projects which require skills across Design, Creativity, Digital and Technology. GSN organized the networking event on fighting against Modern Day Slavery. CEO of Clarida Technologies Robin Poelmans was invited to participate as one of the speakers.

Clarida Technologies shares the success case study on Human Trafficking

Robin Poelmans was invited to speak about one of the Law Enforcement use cases of Clarida Technologies that reveals how our technology was and can be used to eradicate Human Trafficking. Identifying potential human trafficking suspects in millions of suspicious activity reports was one of the first projects we successfully completed. That is when we realized the societal necessity for implementing powerful new technologies which can have a real impact on society. Human Trafficking is a problem, which is not commonly spoken about, however between 2008 and 2016 the number of human trafficking victims identified worldwide more than doubled. The GSN meeting gathered inspiring keynote speakers from different parts of the world to share with the audience the initiatives against human trafficking that are already being taken around the world.

Our contribution to tackling goal #8 of the 17 Global Sustainable Development goals defined by the United Nations

It was an honour for Clarida Technologies to be a part of the organized event and be amongst like-minded people who share the same mission. Our work revolves around making sense of large quantities of heterogeneous data. We support the initiative of the GSN community and believe, that it is worthwhile to understand that through advanced exploratory data analytics a real impact can be made on millions of people`s lives. Clarida Technologies is ready to make a contribution in tackling Goal 8 through the use of our technology and implementing it in law enforcement agencies around the world. Through the support of the GSN we believe our solution can be adopted by law enforcement agencies globally.

Julia Burak

Julia Burak is in charge of Business Development at Clarida Technologies.

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