Clarida Technologies CEO Delivers Keynote at the 2018 RISE Conference in Hong Kong

by Julia Burak

Posted on February 25, 2019 at 8:00 AM

Hong Kong is rapidly developing as a major center for tech startups in Asia. In July 2018, Clarida Technologies CEO Robin Poelmans was invited as a keynote speaker at the RISE Conference, one of the biggest and most reputed tech events, in Hong Kong. The event took place at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC) in the period of 9-12 July. The conference brought together established multinational companies, promising startups, influencers, investors and media-outlets from different corners of the world.

A multitude of topics were covered during the conference but special attention was given to Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics technologies. Clarida Technologies CEO Robin Poelmans discussed during his keynote our company`s contribution to the advancement of the field of Big Data analytics and shared our knowledge in this field.

Robin Poelmans presented multiple examples of what advanced data analytics is already capable of today and the successes we achieved by combining powerful computational technology with the knowledge of domain experts. These include the eradication of human trafficking, preventing radicalization and terrorist attacks, optimally using scarce financial resources to deliver quality of care to patients, etc.

Robin Poelmans talked about the major obstacles both organizations and startups have to overcome on their way to success: "Most people these days in analytics focus on performing a clearly targeted search: they are trying to answer a specific question or validate a hypothesis, but in reality most real value is just simply hidden, people don`t look at it because they even don`t know which question to ask, they don`t know what to even look for, therefore they can not even start looking for it".

The differences between various AI and Data analytics techniques and the importance of educating people in this subject matter were brought up as well: "Data analytics especially these days in the world of data science, AI, machine learning, advanced data analytics and so on ? it all became one big blur and the problem is that the general population doesn`t really understand these different techniques and how they are useful depending on their objectives".

Robin Poelmans not only covers the important topic why organizations are unable to use their available data to its maximum potential, but also highlights the key points necessary for making advanced data analytics work in organizations.

Become inspired by the positive impact advanced data analytics can have on society and learn about the mission of Clarida Technologies which is to make these innovative technologies available to everyone, by listening to the speech of Robin Poelmans at the RISE Conference 2018.

Julia Burak

Julia Burak is in charge of Business Development at Clarida Technologies.

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