Clarida Discovery as a Service

Clarida Discovery as a ServiceTM or "DaaS" is our form of consulting with a serious edge. We combine our own human experts with our software products to deliver meaningful results to our clients.

We like to use the term “discovery” instead of analytics because that is really what we enable clients to do. A key point of distinguishing the two is that in analytics we generally know the question we want an answer to so it becomes a targeted search in the available data. In discovery we can decide to leave that question open and explore where the value leaks are according to the inherent structures of the data. We let the data speak instead of our own assumptions. There exist more questions or value leaks that we do not think about as opposed to the ones we do so why limit yourself to only going after the tip of the iceberg?

Clarida Technologies hosts the entire Data Discovery process on behalf of the client starting from data extraction to the delivery of detailed reporting. Clarida DaaS is the preferred choice for those who want to gain deep insights into their data without dedicating their own workforce to the Data Discovery process. DaaS is an ultra-flexible and fast way to achieve data insights and can be used to look into one specific area of an organisation or the organisation as a whole with the goal of achieving Organisation-Wide Intelligence. Clients can take on Clarida DaaS on a monthly basis, providing ultimate flexibility to test our capabilities.

All-inclusive service

When choosing for Clarida DaaS, you receive a truly all-inclusive service. Clarida Technologies performs everything on behalf of the client ranging from data extraction, developing data parsers, checking for data quality issues, preprocessing and preparing the data for analysis all the way to delivering reports with actionable findings.

Combining domain expertise with advanced software

Our way of consulting is a bit non-traditional. When choosing for Clarida DaaS you receive a team of dedicated data-scientists who are highly trained to use our software packages. We do not provide unfounded advice based on gut-feeling, we use the combination of what data shows us that can add value to the organisation and human interpretation to filter out the actionable from the non-actionable value leaks.


Clarida DaaS is the most flexible way to gain deep insights from your data and improve business operations. We offer this service on a monthly subscription basis which allows you to get ahead quickly and take decisions for long-term commitments later on in the process. It is also the preferred choice for those organisations that prefer to get results as quickly as possible without creating an entire data-science team who would have to start testing and developing from scratch.

Tackle one problem or transform your entire organisation

Through Clarida DaaS we can provide organisations with a range of options be it from tackling one specific problem in one area of the organisation to applying our software and domain expertise to deeply analyse all data generated over the entire organisation. "Unknown Unknowns" are patterns that remain hidden just because nobody ever thought to search for them in the first place. These latent value leaks can cause serious damage to an organisation without even being aware of them. When applying Clarida DaaS over the entire organisation to achieve Organisation-Wide Intelligence, we will expose all of these value leaks so your organisation can take action resulting in additional revenue, cost savings and a new way of impactful decision making.

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