Clarida Excalibur Data and Text Discovery Platform

Clarida Technologies offers cutting-edge data discovery software to uncover things you didn't know you didn't know ("Unknown Unknowns") and turns these findings into positive changes for your organisation.

Data Discovery

Gain advanced actionable insights from millions upon millions of data records extracted from any data source imaginable.

Text Discovery

Uncover hidden knowledge buried in previously inaccessible structured and unstructured dynamic text collections.

Web Discovery

Analyze millions of data records collected from any type of social media and other web sources in real-time.


The Clarida ExcaliburTM platform consists of a plethora of useful features ready for use by domain experts. Here are some of the many features of Clarida ExcaliburTM.

Based on 10 Years of Research

We did our homework, 10 years of research and development in a practical setting resulted in new-level data discovery software which can resolve the data-driven needs of modern organizations.

Fastest Analysis Speed Available

We offer data analysis at “warp” speed without compromising on quality. Load your dataset containing millions of records in a matter of seconds into our system and start analyzing moments later.

Successfully Validated in Operational Settings

Our software has been empirically validated with great success in a variety of organizations ranging from hospitals to federal law enforcement agencies.

In Depth Insights in Your Data

Uncover the "unknown unknowns" and value leaks in your data, learn from these insights and take action. Go further than the obvious and discover things you did not even know you didn’t know.

Extreme Scalability and Speed

Analyse millions upon millions of database-, text- and web-derived records at lightning speeds to gain unprecedented new insights in your data.

Cross Platform Availability

Run Clarida Technologies software on the Operating System of your choice. No need to get expensive hardware, install and start using our software immediately on standard hardware.

Intuitive, User-friendly Interface

The aim is not to replace human experts but rather to provide the tools to empower these experts to gain new knowledge from data on an enormous scale.

New Approach to Data Discovery

Our technology breaks with traditional data analysis approaches. We are proud to offer new proprietary technology that actually is cutting edge.

Pragmatic Development for Law Enforcement Agencies

Our platform was originally developed to assist law enforcement agencies in extracting hidden knowledge from huge amounts of structured and unstructured data.

Software Environments

The Clarida ExcaliburTM Data and Text Discovery Platform is an integrated software environment designed for data, text and web discovery. Structured and unstructured data from an unlimited number of heterogeneous data sources can be linked and integrated. Human experts can transform and analyze the data in real-time through intuitive and interactive visual interfaces.

The software searches for millions of patterns to distill those nuggets of knowledge which can be used to make a difference in operational practice. State of the art techniques from the fields of combinatorial algebra and text analytics are combined into a powerful instrument for knowledge discovery.

The platform is characterized by its versatile range of potential discovery applications. Users can develop solutions for their data-driven organisational needs using the platform or they can acquire tailor made solutions of Clarida technologies.

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