Organisation-Wide Intelligence

Organisation-Wide Intelligence is our take on how organisations should look at data and data analytics. Oftentimes data analytics gets introduced in one area of the organisation but is not applied to other areas resulting in targeted insights into a small part of the organisation while ignoring the rest of it.

Clarida Technologies, being a data-discovery software company at heart, expanded into a company with a more holistic view on how organisations can leverage data. Besides our original Clarida ExcaliburTM Software suite, used to deeply analyse data to the finest level of detail, we expanded our product offering to make sure organisations can make the most of their data.

Noticing the deficiencies of traditional data warehousing, Clarida came up with its own advanced Data Warehousing Solution which helps organisations to intelligently store all kinds of data and make it immediately searchable and ready for further analysis. Sounds data capturing, storage and retrieval functionality is a crucial step when transforming into an intelligent organisation. Our Data Warehousing solution can be up to 50 times cheaper than traditional SQL based technology.

Next to offering advanced Data Warehousing we realized the need to automate certain data analytics tasks, especially when dealing with huge streams of structured data. Clarida Technologies came up with it's own advanced Artificial Intelligence software suite to answer those needs. Realizing the individuality of each organisation and its data, we embarked on a mission to provide individuality in our AI approach as well. Clarida AI offers more than 30 different artificial intelligence and machine learning systems to make sure an organisation ends up with the optimal system for their own specific needs. This is a simple, cost efficient, self-service software environment that can be used by organisations of any size.

All of our software packages can be applied to the entire organisation paving the way to make the most of your data. Combining some or all of our software packages yields maximum results for those organisations that truly want to achieve Organisation-Wide Intelligence. This is not a vague dream about what could be possible in the future, Clarida Technologies offers the technology and expertise to achieve this level of intelligence today.

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Organization-wide Intelligence

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