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Clarida Technologies evolved from a company that solely focused on offering the most advanced Data Discovery software product available on the market to solve multiple data-related needs faced by organisations of any size. Today we expanded both our product offering and the flexibility with which our solutions can be implemented.

The aim is to continually develop and provide organisations with better products and services to manage their data and maximize the potential locked inside of this vast resource. Advanced data warehousing, making any type of data immediately searchable organisation-wide, direct integration with social media, data preparation software, highly advanced Data Discovery software and over 30+ artificial intelligence/machine learning systems can transform organisations of any size into an intelligent organisation.

Clarida Technologies aims for organisations of any size to achieve Organisation-Wide Intelligence and therefore offers ultra-flexible ways to get started. From monthly subscriptions and classic annual/perpetual licenses to Discovery as a ServiceTM, our fully hosted Data Discovery service, we provide a suitable model no matter what your needs are.

Clarida ExcaliburTM Platform

The Clarida ExcaliburTM platform is an integrated software environment designed for data, text and web discovery. Structured and unstructured data from an unlimited number of heterogeneous data sources can be linked and integrated. Human experts can transform and analyze the data in real-time through intuitive and interactive visual interfaces.

Discovery as a ServiceTM

During a Discovery as a ServiceTM (DaaS) project, Clarida Technologies hosts the entire Data Discovery process on behalf of the client starting from data extraction to the delivery of detailed reporting. Clarida DaaS is the preferred choice for those who want to gain deep insights into their data without dedicating their own workforce to the data discovery process.

Clarida Data WarehouseTM

The Clarida Data WarehouseTM is a high performance data storage solution. The system combines high availability, horizontal scalability and flexible data formats to meet the needs of data-intensive organizations. Moreover, indexation of database contents is included out of the box making all data fully searchable in real-time.

Clarida Artificial IntelligenceTM

Clarida Artificial IntelligenceTM (AI) is a recently developed sophisticated AI and Machine Learning software suite. Drawing on over 10 years of experience in advanced data analytics, we offer this knowledge to organisations of any size. We make AI accessible to organisations which do not have an entire team of data-scientists available to them.

Clarida Social Media AnalyticsTM

The Clarida Social Media AnalyticsTM platform consists of a plethora of useful web monitoring features. You can easily manage your online reputation in any language of your choice and engage with your customers over social media. We help your company streamline social media marketing campaigns and monitor their success.

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