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Clarida Technologies products and services can be relevant for organisations of all sectors and sizes as long as data is being collected and there is a will to maximize the benefits of data usage. We are in a unique position where we intentionally did not focus on solving a specific problem for a specific industry, rather we focus on providing any type of organisation with advanced technology to maximize data usage over the entire organisation with the goal of achieving Organisation-Wide Intelligence.

Operational Excellence

Trying to make sense of vast and ever growing amounts of complex data is impossible for humans even when armed with traditional analytics or business intelligence tools. Clarida Technologies provides solutions to not only tackle known problems but also to reveal value leaks that remain unknown to an organisation without the right tools to reveal them. Identifying the value leaks is one thing but it wouldn't mean much without the ability to identify their root causes and take corresponding action to eradicate the value leaks and run smooth business operations.


New insights gained from using data to its maximal potential not always lead to tangible actions taken to improve business operations. Some of the most valuable new knowledge is “soft” knowledge such as understanding clients, optimizing service quality, monitoring brand reputation, etc. This advanced new knowledge acquired by optimally using data can make or break organisations in an age of digital transformation.

Active Growth

Take a step further than improving your internal business operations and offer better services or even data-based products to your clients. Creating new revenue streams while delivering better service to clients should be a priority for organisations that want to move towards digitizing their product/service offering.

Financial Services

At Clarida Technologies we have developed data discovery software which can be applied on any type of data within any type of organization. Businesses which are process intensive or collect a good amount of structured and/or unstructured complex data, can make significant financial and operational efficiency gains. As we are continuously expanding our client base, we are amazed by the new insights our clients can gain from our solutions.

Business and Industry

At Clarida Technologies we have developed data discovery software which can be applied on any type of data within any type of organization. Businesses which are process intensive or collect a good amount of structured and/or unstructured complex data, can make significant financial and operational efficiency gains. As we are continuously expanding our client base, we are amazed by the new insights our clients can gain from our solutions.


Clarida Technologies offers automated software solutions for healthcare organisations to transform big data into an essential asset for optimising public funding, intelligent cost reduction and quality improvement. As our clients implemented the discovered solutions, this invariably led to huge financial gains and optimal use of scarce resources. Significant improvements of operational processes were achieved in a matter of weeks.


Clarida Technologies software was grown out of the need of law enforcement organizations to gain deep new knowledge and insights from their large data repositories. We have established a successful history in providing solutions to tackle huge problems faced by society. From the moment an organization collects and stores data, we can provide you with the tools which can transform previously inaccessible data into new insights.

Financial Services Solutions

Managing risk and making sure operations are in compliance with both internal and external regulations is of great importance for modern financial institutions. Failure to adequately identify risk or non-compliance can result in significant penalties or the demise of part of or the entire financial institution at the worst. Merely establishing some key indicators to monitor is not sufficient. Risk and deviations from optimal business practices constantly evolve and might escape the radar.

Clarida Technologies has developed a powerful software solution which helps financial institutions remain on top of their game. Our advanced Data Discovery approach can help financial institutions to continually detect suspicious activity and rogue traders as well as expose non-compliance issues before it is too late.
Investment professionals are always on the hunt for an «edge». Clarida Technologies has developed a highly-advanced Data Discovery software product for in-depth analysis of both structured and unstructured data on a massive scale.

Our Clarida Technologies Excalibur Platform provides investment firms with the tools to look at data without bias. Due to an exploratory approach instead of merely screening data, patterns of unseen complexity and accuracy can be identified. Clarida Technologies software can easily deal with terabytes of data on a continuous basis.
Traditional financial institutions are faced with one of the biggest challenges the history of finance has ever seen. The internet and the ease of access to this communication resource opened up the playing field for non-traditional companies to enter the field and offer financial services to people. A key to remain relevant is understanding customers and the ability to predict their behavior.

The Clarida Technologies Excalibur Software can help financial institutions get a 360 degree customer view by creating highly complex and detailed profiles and as a result prevent customer churn. Through the use of our software and solutions financial institutions can also get an individualized product offering which can dramatically maximize their revenues.
Financial companies invest a lot of resources into fraud detection. Even though, financial companies have their fraud detection measures in place which can stop the most common types of fraudulent actions, fraudsters and especially cybercriminals are constantly advancing their methods.

Clarida Technologies has developed the Clarida Excalibur Platform to help financial companies stay ahead of fraud and be able to identify new types of complex fraudulent behavior before damage is being done.

Our Data Discovery solution can be successfully applied to detect fraudulent behavior through complex pattern discovery and prevent fraud immediately using real time monitoring of all incoming data.
An important factor in running smooth operations is understanding how effective employees are doing their job based on certain Key Performance Indicators (KPI). However, traditional KPIs are too simplistic to deal with the complexity of a financial institution that is constantly evolving.

The Clarida Technologies Excalibur Software provides the ability to objectively look at workforce effectiveness as it is in the present. Our Data Discovery approach enables financial institutions to not only monitor the workforce as a whole, but also zoom in on the individual underperforming employees.

This enables customers to gain the most advanced individualized insights that can drive continual improvement of workforce and/or determine where alternative actions might be necessary.
Modern financial institutions are in need of advanced individualized methods to evaluate credit applications which will help them avoid risky loan approvals and allocate capital to low risk applicants. The world is a сontinuously changing place and so are the entities to whom credit has been extended.

The next step for financial institutions in their digitization efforts is automating this evaluation process to a large degree. Clarida Technologies software and solutions can assist in this undertaking.

The Clarida Technologies Excalibur Platform can help financial institutions identify Early Warning Indicators to detect complex changes in debtors, assess which profiles have a high risk of upcoming credit default and take preventive actions. Whenever dealing with defaults on loans, financial institutions need to make an assessment on the likelihood and the cost of recuperating the allocated credit.

Our Data Discovery approach provides the means to make a solid analysis on how to minimize the damage of the credit defaults and maximize the recuperation rate.
The main cost and risk factor for insurance companies are claims and especially unwarranted claims. Dealing with claims is a complex endeavour that consists for a large part of analysing unstructured textual data which often times happens manually. On a large scale this labor intensive process is unreliable and prone to error.

The Clarida Technologies Excalibur Platform and services can be used to quickly identify fraudulent claims trying to take advantage of the insurance company. It is not enough anymore to draw a line in the sand and divide insurance applicants in risky and non-risky groups, additional revenue and minimisation of costs remains unclaimed for most insurers.

Through the use of our Data Discovery software insurance companies can offer individualized insurance premium quotes based on advanced profile assessments, therefore improving the revenue streams and offsetting risk. Clarida Technologies software can help identify relevant patterns and Early Warning Indicatiors to optimize insurance quotations.

Business and Industry Solutions

The Clarida Technologies Excalibur Platform can be successfully applied for optimizing the efficiency of business processes in call centers.

Through the use of our software call centers can eliminate value leaks such as extended waiting times and rework, increase customer satisfaction and achieve significant savings.

Our software allows for a detailed analysis of the call scheduling procedures currently in place to optimize the first time and overall call pass rates.
The Clarida Technologies Excalibur software can be successfully applied for the purpose of exposing value leaks or inefficiencies in business processes. Almost always, true value leaks remain unknown to a business since the problems aren't known yet to begin with.

Our advanced Data Discovery approach provides businesses with the ability to zoom in closely on value leaks, reveal the root causes of these inefficiencies and take corresponding actions to improve upon them.

Through the use of Сlarida Technologies solutions we can look at businesses as they are and explore every single inefficiency as it occurs. This creates massive opportuntities for businesses to get towards operational excellence.
Manufacturing is a process-intensive business where data is being captured in massive quantities. Doing something with all that data is a whole other challenge for manufacturers. It is crucial to achieve business process excellence to be competitive, increase margins and continually grow in a low-margin industry.

Problems typically start at the way data is being stored, traditional data warehousing makes the bulk of data difficult to access. Difficult to access data usually translates into data not being used at all. Data not being used at all in turn results in thousands of value leaks in the form of process inefficiencies that remain undetected.

The Clarida Technolgies Excalibur software helps manufactures look beyond obvious process improvements and focus on running the smoothest possible operations. Our Data Discovery Solution provides the means to expose every single business process inefficiency and detect their root causes. Through the usage of our software and solutions 10-30% of business process optimizations can be achieved which is a significant number in a low-margin industry.
Today, in the age with easy access to news and information, the biggest challenge for media companies is to understand the behavior of readers. Media companies convert raw data into interesting stories to engage with their readers. Through optimal use of data media companies can benefit tremendously.

The Clarida Technologies Excalibur Platform provides media companies with the tools to optimize reader engagement, understand click behavior and offer relevant related content, optimize marketing campaigns and identify Early Warning Indicators to prevent customer churn.

Given the flexibility on how Clarida Technologies products and solutions can be used, the potential use cases are endless. Investigative journalists can now process enormous data collections at an unprecedented level of detail while at the same time the financial department can use Clarida Technologies software to analyse workforce efficiency and detect areas of overspending.
Advertisers are some of the earliest adopters of data-analytics trying to optimize their ad campaigns to generate as much interest from their respective target markets. Advertisers traditionally already collect as much data as possible on their target market and their advertisement campaigns.

The Clarida Technologies Excalibur software helps advertisers to individualise ad campaigns and increase their effectiveness. Through our Data Discovery solution advertisers can continually monitor, explore campaigns and quickly take action when inefficiencies occur.

Everything is constantly changing and so are the habits, behavior and interests of people. Capturing these changes is essential for advertisers who want to stay ahead of the game and Clarida Technologies solutions will be of benefit.

Healthcare Solutions

Modern healthcare organizations have millions of medical records containing information on care activities performed to patients. Due to this large amount of data in the hospital`s electronic patient record system, it becomes impossible to monitor quality of care and patient safety in a manual way.

The Clarida Technologies Excalibur Platform can be effectively applied to identify deviations from the prescribed clinical pathway, root causes for these deviations and exceptional care trajectories, value leaks leading to suboptimal care and financial losses.

The results of such discovery analysis can be used by the directory board and different multidisciplinary teams to improve the quality and efficiency of care as well as patient safety.
The Clarida Technologies Excalibur Platform can be applied to discover patterns in the data describing frequently occurring annoyances causing patient dissatisfaction.

Through Text Discovery techniques we can analyze all unstructured textual statements made by patients, written on their day of discharge, about their experience of care during their hospitalization. For this a controlled vocabulary consisting of keywords and phrases describing positive and negative elements in patient experience has been developed.

The results of the analysis can be used by the hospital directory board in order to identify unknown problems and novel solutions, improve patient experience and patient safety. The controlled vocabulary can be improved on a monthly basis to allow for the immediate detection of novel issues arising. Our software allows domain experts to continuously identify avenues for improvement.
Our software can serve as a powerful tool to analyze heterogeneous data repositories containing information on discharge destinations of patients, optimal and actual lengths of stay, clinical patient characteristics such as diagnosis, severity of illness, etc.

Our solutions can be used for rapidly identifying the characteristics of patients which lead to a prolonged length of stay. The results obtained through our software can also help to reduce bottlenecks, achieve a reduction of the length of stay and optimize the use of financial resources.

The Clarida Technologies Excalibur Platform can be used for continuous monitoring of potential issues which can emerge and have a negative impact on the average length of stay for specific conditions.
The Clarida Technologies Excalibur Platform can be used to achieve better clinical outcome for patients and improve the quality of care.

All clinical data recorded during the hospital visits of the patients can be linked together with medication administration data to obtain multiple time series for analysis.

Our Data Discovery techniques can help identify patterns in the treatment and administration of medication to gain novel insights for improving the treatment process.
Hospitals can use the Clarida Technologies Excalibur Platform to analyze their market share for various units in the treatment of patients with various conditions.

In-depth Data Discovery analysis can help to explore the root causes of positive and negative evolutions in market share for different units of the hospital, understand the impact of operational and legislative changes on the market share of hospital units compared to other hospital groups.

Clarida Technologies Software can be applied to identify disease-related groups with unique expertise, which are of pivotal importance for future development of the hospital and those which are of non-strategic importance.
Selecting the right patient candidates to conduct clinical trial studies is an important factor in the future success of the clinical trial. Advanced patient candidate selection using heterogeneous data sources makes the process more accurate, faster and cost-efficient.

Clarida Technologies offers a solution which is fully automated and can be used to extract patients with the right characteristics from any electronic patient record systems.
Our Data Discovery approach helps to gain an individualised view on medication usage by specific target profiles in specific regions. This provides pharmaceutical companies with the right tools to optimize their distribution and marketing strategies.

Given that the ways products are being prescribed and used are constantly changing, it is imperative for pharmaceutical companies to track these changes as soon as possible in order to swiftly adjust their actions.

Government Solutions

Discovering hidden patterns in the bulk of information of law enforcement and intelligence agencies has become a challenging task and is of the utmost importance these days. At the same time, traditional data mining techniques have reached their limits in terms of operational usefulness.

The Clarida Technologies Excalibur Platform provides an integrated Data Discovery solution for radicalization and terrorism prevention. This innovative platform is a powerful combination of text, data and concept discovery techniques.

Our approach can help to improve techniques for identifying and profiling radicalizing subjects in suspicious activity reports. Through our solutions early warning indicators and red flags can be automatically detected in real-time.

Law enforcement and intelligence agencies can use the Clarida Technologies Excalibur Platform and its solutions on a daily basis to identify, monitor newly radicalized subjects and prevent terrorism and radicalization.
The Clarida Technologies Excalibur Platform can be successfully applied for automated identification of erroneous and fraudulent tax declarations in dynamic and unstructured data repositories.

Advanced Data Discovery in combination with Text Discovery techniques can analyze a combination of attributes derived from spreadsheets and unstructured audit reports.

With the help of our software profiles consisting of early warning indicators can be composed in order to flag suspicious filings and improve outcomes for targeted auditing efforts for major tax authorities.
Terrorists usually announce their plans or discuss them with peers on social media. Therefore, the real time monitoring of social media such as Twitter and Facebook is another cornerstone to a successful antiterrorism data analytics policy.

The Clarida Technologies Excalibur Platform can be applied to flag potential threats and undertake operational action. Multiple views on data gained during an advanced Data Discovery process can assist police officers in real time detection.

Our Data Discovery solution was successfully employed during several mass events of national and international importance.
The Clarida Technologies Excalibur software and solutions can be successfully applied for detection of domestic violence cases in millions of unstructured police reports.

Our software can be used to construct an ontology containing the relevant concepts revealed during successive knowledge discovery iterations. Bottom-up insights which can be obtained together with existing top-down knowledge can significantly improve policies concerning the handling of domestic violence cases.

The Clarida Technologies Excalibur Platform can be also used for identification of early warning indicators for the automated recognition of Domestic Violence cases and their classification. This results in a highly effective and accurate automated case labeling system with an extremely low false negative rate.

The results obtained with such a Data Discovery approach can be put in operational use on an ongoing basis.
According to the United Nations, human trafficking is the fastest growing criminal industry in the world, with the total annual revenue for trafficking in persons estimated to be between $5 billion and $9 billion. The Council of Europe states that “people trafficking has reached epidemic proportions over the past decade, with a global annual market of about $42.5 billion”. Rough estimates by the United States Department of State suggest that 700,000 to 2 million women and girls are trafficked across international borders every year.

It is absolutely necessary to bring human trafficking gangs to justice and provide victims of human trafficking with the help they need.

The Clarida Technologies Excalibur Platform can be used to automate discovery of unknown suspects and victims in suspicious activity reports, as well as profiling these subjects and victims. Through the use of our Data Discovery approach police officers can identify, arrest and bring multiple trafficking gangs to justice.
Online chatboxes and confiscated computers of pedosexuals contain large amounts of chat conversations which can be used for preventive policing and forensic evidence gathering. Chat conversations can be analyzed in real-time to monitor threat levels.

The Clarida Technologies Excalibur Platform is aimed at analyzing in real-time tens of thousands of chat conversations and distilling those conversations which are relevant for active monitoring.

Through the use of Text Discovery it is possible to raise red flags when certain conversational topics are being detected. Moreover, the software can be successfully applied to automatically gather forensic evidence from chat conversations found on confiscated computers.

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