Press Release – Clarida Technologies Raised 5M euro of Capital at a 100M euro Valuation

Clarida Technologies Ltd., a UK incorporated technology company offering highly advanced big data-discovery software products and services to a wide variety of industries, is pleased to announce their recent acceptance of an equity investment of 5 million euros from a private investor which values the company at 100 million euros.

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Why You Need a Domain Expert for a Successful Data Discovery Project in Your Organization?

In the past many data analytics projects failed because the knowledge base which was readily available in the organization wasn`t considered, and data analysts were just discovering things which in fact were already known. A machine alone is not able to learn and understand all the organisation's complexities. When you only use machines for data analysis, you throw away all the invaluable expertise people in your organization possess and which has been accumulated for many years.

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Data Discovery 2.0: Going Further Than Traditional Analytics Tools

Data Discovery aims at synergistically combining the computational power of a computer with the creative power of the human mind. In his book “How to Create a Mind”, the famous computer scientist and futurist Ray Kurzweil postulated that partial order structures such as concept lattices are one of the few mathematical techniques capable of bridging this gap.

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Introducing “Clarity in Data” Stories: Beyond Traditional Perception of Data

We invite you to join us on the exciting journey of exploring the world of Big Data, discovering “Unknown Unknowns” and learning to gain incredible insights in data. Clarida Technologies stands for “Clarity in Data” and this is what we believe in. We are here with a big mission to help modern organizations leverage their data and gain new insights which will change the way they do business once and forever.

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